Founded in 2020 by Zoe Calodoukas, Arcina Ori is an Australian made label dedicated to empowering women through their own self-expression.
Having your own style is a deeply personal representation of who you are. Every time you dress it's a way of expressing yourself. This concept is the very core of Arcina Ori, a brand that celebrates individuality, confidence, and femininity.
 Each piece has taken on shape and form, through its own creative journey. A process that takes months to refine and perfect. It begins with a spark of inspiration - It could be catching hold of a rich hued colour, a textured fabric or a striking neckline. It then blossoms with our own exclusive readily available design online. High quality, controlled runs, made with love in Australia, by Arcina Ori.

Now more than ever, buyers have become more conscious about where their clothes are made, and in what conditions. At Arcina Ori, we pride ourselves as an Australian sustainable brand. Each piece is cut, sewn and quality checked by our wonderful Brisbane based seamstresses. We then pack each order in our 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging to send off to their new loving homes.  
Each collection release, we aim to pre make a certain amount of stock, followed by a single pre order so that there is no wastage. Each design is thoroughly checked to give you high quality garments that will last in your wardrobe for years to come. We are dedicated to a more sustainable future of fashion and we thankyou for being a part of this journey with us.

The name ‘Arcina Ori’ (Pronounced Ar-See-Na  Or-Ee) was born solely on creating a unique name that has not yet been heard, thought, seen or spoken. The meaning behind our name is reflected in each design that we create. We want you to look to us for something new, on trend, and individual.
With love,

A R C I N A   O R I